Metal Detectors



Types of metal detectors vary according to a range of hopes and technical features and different classifications,

for example, according to the search technology or depth of search or the technology of the device or tool used

to conduct the search  or detection.

There are many types of metal detectors , here in this article we will see the details….

Metal detector is an electronic device specially designed to detect buried underground metal objects

such as the treasures of gold, archaeological treasures of ancient civilizations and various kinds

of precious and non-precious metals.

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Metal detectors used by prospectors and treasure hunters.

They help detect any metal object under the ground for varying depths depending on the device.

This enables the prospector to find all metallic objects such as gold ornaments, statues, ancient coins made of gold, silver or copper and so on.

Metal detectors are very diverse.  so there are many types of metal detectors which are classified according to different classifications.

Metal detectors can be classified according to their uses or according to the search system

and the technology in the device or according to other factors.

But the most commonly used classification is according to the search technology of the device,

where metal detectors are classified into several types will be reviewed by the following paragraph


Electromagnetic Metal Detectors

Electromagnetic metal detectors are operated according to one of two search technologies. :

very low frequency  (VLF) or pulse induction technology (PI)  which depends on a search coil used to

detect the presence of different metals, including gold within the search area below the coil

and then it gives an alert to the user in the form of audio tone according to certain tones depending on the type of metal.

These devices have a limited scope of depth (maximum : 3 meters) and relatively cheap prices

however It is the most widespread devices in the world especialy for beginners

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Examples : Nokta Impact , Kruzer , GPZ 7000 

Long-Range Metal Detectors

The long-range metal detectors use search antennas to receive target signals

buried underground remotely. These devices are characterized by a very wide field

of scan and huge search depths compared to other types of metal detectors

Long range devices are easy to use and filter the search results and search within large distances

and large areas with the possibility of estimating depth

Examples: Mega GoldBionic X4

3D Imaging Metal Detectors

3D Imaging metal detectors are devices that use special probes for ground scanning.

Then the scan results are usually display on a computer screen or Tablet in a three-dimensional diagram

showing the structure of the ground in the search area and the targets buried in it.

However these devices characterized by high accuracy and coverage of a wide field of scan and multiple features

that ensure the accurate results for the prospector and professional searcher.

Examples: Nokta InvenioOKM EXP 6000OKM Ground Navigator 2

Multi – Systems Metal Detectors

There are some metal detectors devices that may contain more than one search system

however it use different technologies within a single device and this gives the prospector multiple

search options  used for different applications or to confirm the results of other search systems.

Example: Mega Scan Pro includes three search systems: Long Range Locator system – Ionic Scanner system – Magnetic system.

Other examples such as  Deep Seeker and Titan Gear 1000 each have five search systems

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