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There’s plenty of treasure trapped under the sea just waiting to be found. Generally though, hunting for that treasure has been a lot harder than it is on solid ground as metal detectors weren’t able to go below the water to search for that precious metal.

Thankfully technology has moved on and we’re now able to reach beneath the waves, and with the best waterproof metal detector, we have a much better chance of unearthing a lost piece of history. Before you can do that though you need to buy one and that involves checking the depth, accuracy and detection type among many other factors.

Thankfully we’re here to answer all of your questions about best metal detectors and have also come up with the best products on the market after going through the underwater metal detector reviews. After reading this guide you’ll be able to choose the best underwater metal detector with confidence and head out to try and find your treasure.

and settings that facilitate his work in the search fields through certain features and additions.




ANFIBIO is a completely new gold and metal detector with multiple releases.

it contains unique and new features for gold prospectors and treasure hunters.

ANFIBIO gold detector features a modern, attractive waterproof design .

and it is very convenient for practical use in the search fields.

ANFIBIO is a device similar to Impact metal detector device.

because of similar features such as multiple frequencies and many search modes.

ANFIBIO comes in 3 releases including the ANFIBIO 14 (works using 14 KhZ frequency),

ANFIBIO 19 (works using 19 KhZ frequency) and ANFIBIO Multi (works using 5 – 14 – 20 KhZ frequencies).

This gold detector is a versatile device that can be used in various places such as parks, beaches and fields of ancient wars .

where it can detect ancient coins, small metal objects, gold ornaments such as bracelets, rings and more.

ANFIBIO metal detector is recommended for treasure hunters thanks to its excellent performance, excellent results and cheap price.

which provides an integrated device for all needs of prospectors and gold researchers.




Equinox metal detector is a unique device, thanks to its unique Multi-IQ technology,

which adapts equally to all kinds of targets, conditions and terrain.

The user can easily choose the location of the search and start searching simply.

Equinox gold detector device provides versatile and comprehensive gold detection

with special features and add-ins such as gold mode and high frequencies (20/40 kHz)

with wireless audio accessories and advanced settings.

Equinox redefines the multi-purpose metal detectors and uses for all prospectors

thanks to its ease of use, technology and high performance in all terrain.




GPZ 7000 gold ore detector is considered a best device ever for gold nuggets detection,

because of its great performance which marked it as first gold detector for natural gold in the world.

GPZ 7000 with its new search technology ZVT (Zero Voltage Transmission) , offers a greater search depth

and higher sensitivity for small gold nuggets than most devices.

GPZ 7000 includes advanced technologies that give a gold prospector a reliable device

for detection of gold in all terrains and ground conditions such as rocky lands or sandy soils.



Pulse Dive is a set of two devices in one package including scuba metal detector and pin pointer.

Pulse Dive is a perfect choice for any professional prospector who work often to find gold

or other metals underwater like in lakes or rivers or oceans, it is also a must have tool for

any diver who want to find hidden treasures underwater.

Pulse Dive scuba detector works using Pulse Induction technology which offer best performance

and detection capabilities for different metal objects.


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