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Gold detectors and Metal detectors 2024

What is the Best Gold Detector for Prospectors?

What is the Best Gold Detector for Prospectors?

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What is the Best Gold Detector for Prospectors?

This question is being asked by new gold prospectors and treasure hunters

who want to know the best practical devices for detecting gold.

There are many metal detectors available in the market for detection of gold

and treasures buried underground, so selecting a suitable device is a bit difficult.

Gold detectors are metal detectors with special features to facilitate the detection

of gold through a specific number, sound tone or specific color

Gold detectors contain special features that make it easy for the prospector to discover gold

through various means, such as display a number called Target ID as a way to know gold detection or any metal,

so it is possible to confirm the discovery of a gold when a certain number appears.

Also there is special audio tone that correspond to gold detection  .

There are special devices for detecting natural gold, as well as special devices for finding buried gold .

and some devices can find both , and all kinds of precious metals in general.


The process of selecting the best gold detector should relate to several factors,

including the price of the device, the depth, ease of use, technical features, and other factors.

here in this article we will discuss effect of some factors in details in the next paragraph.

What is the Best Gold Detector for Prospectors?

Here are the factors influencing the identification of the best device for detecting gold

1 – Detection Technology

Gold detectors differ in the technology used for search, which can be classified into several classifications as follow:

* Gold detection devices with the Electromagnetic System (Sound System).


which are operating according to special search coils which issued.

and receive signals coming from gold as an example of these devices Impact:

* Gold Detector with Pulse Induction technology as an example of these devices Lorenz Z1

* Gold detection devices with 3D Imaging System.


which uses a special probe to conduct a three-dimensional scan of the ground to deep depths .

and then display the results on the screen of a computer or a smart phone.

with the possibility of detailed analysis through a special program as an example of these devices 3D Ground Navigator.

* Gold Detectors with Long Range Locator System .

Long-Rang-Locators-Systems-2that use special search antennas to receive signals coming from buried targets underground.

from long distances and deep depths and a remarkable example of these devices is Mega Scan Pro.

The choice is for the prospector to determine the best technique suitable for the nature of the search and the terrain and other factors.

2 - Maximum  Depth

The maximum depth of search of the gold detector device plays an important role when selected by the prospectors.

In general, the deeper the depth of the search, the better the device is from their point of view.

The maximum depth of varies between different gold detectors.

It ranges from 1 meter in inexpensive devices such as Fisher Gold Bug

and up to 3 meters for more professional devices such as GPZ 7000

with 3D imaging devices can reach between 10 - 20 meters, such as a device Evo,

in long range system devices can reach the maximum depth up to 40 meters as an example of that Mega Scan Pro.

3 – Gold Detector Price

Gold detectors vary in price according to several factors such as technical features, research technology, search depth, manufacturer and other factors.

Prospectors prefer, of course, that the price of any device they want to buy is cheap and appropriate.

but not necessarily their needs, where in general, the higher the price of the device the more accurate its results and features.

although some expensive devices may give the same result of cheaper devices, so a best device is that with a reasonable price for its features with accurate results.

4 - Technical Features

It is recommended the availability of many features that facilitate the search for gold.

especially such as the characteristic of the discrimination between metals.

as well as vibration when discovering gold or special tones for gold, etc.

The devices in the market vary in terms of the availability of these features and preferred devices

are those known from famous companies regardless of price.

5 - Ease of use

Gold prospectors prefer to have the gold detector they work as easy to use as possible .

and can learn all its features in a short period of time and prefer a device that has a screen .

with an easy graphical program that can be controlled with simple buttons.

It is also preferred to be a lightweight machine with an appropriate design .

and comfortable for long practical use in the fields of gold.

especially for those who want to search for raw gold where the prospector can spend long hours in the search process.

What is the best device to detect gold?

The best device to detect gold for prospectors is the appropriate device

for the purpose of the purchase, for example the discovery of raw gold

and with the features of technology suitable for this goal, while available

at a price suitable for the buyer and preferably also be easy to use.


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