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This is the title of our article for the day in which we give an idea about the metal detector and its parts and how it works

The techniques used and the idea of ​​some of the best metal detectors and their prices … Follow us …

We had previously discussed in the previous article: the underground gold detector

The mechanism of operation of gold detectors and we mean the traditional devices operating audio system

In fact, these devices are detectors for metals in general with the characteristics and features of gold discovery.

If a metal detector is a special electronic device designed with special electric circuits with a circular search disk

It contains electrical components responsible for sending or transmitting electromagnetic signals into the soil and then receiving them

Through a common receiver for signal and through the calculation of difference in frequency

can know the idea of ​​the nature of the body metal buried underground

A special number on the screen or via a special audio alert indicating a metal object under the search disk.

The metal detector is used to detect most precious metals such as gold, silver, copper and others

As well as the discovery of precious metals such as iron, steel and the like.

Through the use of a metal detector can search for all underground metal targets within the depths of the surface up to 3 meters.

As an example of the old coins and gold things like gold ornaments such as rings and bracelets ..

And the metal vessels made of bronze, copper or silver remnants of previous civilizations … etc

We will explain in the following paragraphs a simple explanation of the components of

the metal detector and the mechanism of work and suggest you some of the best metal detector for sale and its features with an idea of ​​prices.




The conventional metal detector operating in the electromagnetic system consists of the following parts:

1. Installed part or holder

This part is in the form of a handle or holder made of metal or plastic used to

keep the device steady while using the circular search disk.

2. Control box

It is a unit that includes the main circuitry of the device and the control panel of the

device that includes the control buttons used to adjust the device’s options and software

This unit also includes a digital display that is used to display the results.

In addition, the control box unit has different ports for the search disk cable, speakers and other components.

3. The arm

Or a set of metal or plastic arms that are connected to each other and used to connect

between the control box and the search disk via a special cable that connects them.

4. Search disk

Which consists of electrical current that passes the electricity coming from the battery

in order to send and receive electromagnetic signals as will be explained in the next paragraph ..

Note: Only the main parts are mentioned, although some modern appliances

may contain other parts or accessories and other accessories.



The conventional metal detector operates under a technique called Very Low Frequency or VLF

A summary of the mechanism of this technology is as follows:

Includes the search disk used to conduct the search inside it and two electrical appliances used the first that are wrapped on the perimeter of the disk from the inside

To send the electromagnetic signals resulting from the passage of the next power supply of the battery into the console.

When these signals collide with an underground metal object, these signals are reflected back to the disc and signals are received through the second antenna

Which are usually inside the inner ring of the disk and are called the receiver of the receiver and pass these signals to the control box to be processed and a number is displayed on the screen

Gives an idea of ​​the type of metal as a sound tone is issued to alert the prospector to the existence of a goal.



Impact Metal Detector is the best metal detector for sale and best-selling in its category by our company in the last two years.

The device is characterized by modern design suitable for practical use in the fields of research and comes with three different search volumes sizes

Which are suitable for searching for small or large size targets.

Gold and Metal Detector Impact is a multi-frequency device that operates at three different frequencies for search

Thus it is possible to look for most types of precious and precious metals as it gives a great depth up to 3 meters underground.

metal detectors for sale

Metal Detector The new Kruzer is a perfect device for gold seekers

Thanks to its modern waterproof design and strong performance in various desert natural terrain, wetland and rocky areas and on the shores of the rivers.

The Kruzer multi-purpose device can be used to find gold treasures and raw natural gold

Ancient antiquities and small antiquities at a depth of 2 meters.

Gold Racer
Gold Racer is a unique multi-purpose device for detecting different types of metals.

Where it can be used to find the nuggets of natural gold and gold coins, silver and bronze as well as old pieces of small jewelry and effects to a depth of up to 2 meters actually.

Metal detector for sale
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The conventional metal detector is cheaper compared to other systems, such as imaging or sensor systems.

You can take the idea of ​​comparing the prices of different devices in the following article: prices of gold detectors.

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metal detectors for sale


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