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How to Make a Gold Detector

How to Make a Gold Detector

Gold detector is a special kind of metal detectors with built-in features to detect gold.
Metal detectors devices usually have a high price tag that range from few hundred dollars

to thousands of dollars so it is expensive and unaffordable for a wide range of enthusiasts and new prospectors.

How a Metal Detector Works?

Metal Detector Parts

A typical metal detector consists of many parts including
1. Stabilizer used to keep the unit steady.
2. Control box usually contains the electronic circuits

display screen , ,control panel consists of many buttons or controls

3. Shaft used to connect the control box and the coil

4. Search coil a part of metal detector that actually senses the metal or gold

Metal Detector Search technology

Most typical metal detectors work using VLF (Very Low Frequency) technology

which relies on two built-in coils inside search coil:

1 – Transmitter coil electricity is sent along it, first in one direction and then in the other,

thousands of times each second. The number of times that the current’s direction switches

each second establishes the frequency of the unit

2 – Receiver coil this inner coil loop contains another coil of wire

This wire acts as an antenna to pick up and amplify frequencies coming from target objects in the ground.

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How to Make a Gold Detector

So, if you want to be a detector but you do not have enough money to buy a

metal detector or gold detector, here we will explain using many households’ objects

and things that may help you create your own metal detector with ease.

You need just some time and dedication to have your homemade metal detector or gold detector

Here’s your step by step guide, how to make a metal detector using a calculator and a radio.

It’s a simple do it yourself metal detector that rely on VLF technology, and best requires a few objects

that are available in every house easily.

Required Objects: a calculator – AM Radio – broomstick – tape

Steps to Follow

Step 1: Turn the radio’s AM and tune it to a station and make certain that

pay attention to the radio’s static tone.

Step 2: Turn on your calculator and position it again to lower back with the radio

until you attain a stupid tone.

This could take 1-2 minutes as you try and get the dull sound but shouldn’t take too long.

Step 3: After accomplishing the constant sound from positioning both devices accurately,

tape them collectively at that precise perspective. In this case, you may want to mount both devices

on board in that equal position. This is genuinely the quest head—you’ve simply made the search head or the coil.

Step 4: After efficaciously getting the search head to the ideal required position, you may use your metal detector.

It’s geared up for use and could paintings flawlessly.

Step 5: You can use a broomstick as I point out in advance and get prepared to test your machine.

You could honestly use a spoon to know if your detector is working or now not.



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Once it will start working, you’ll observe that once you begin transferring the detector close to the spoon,

there is a beeping sound. It gets even louder—the beeping—as you get nearer and toward the spoon.

That means you just succeeded in creating a homemade metal detector.

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