Gold detectors and Metal detectors 2024 With Powerful Search Systems.

Gold detectors and Metal detectors 2024

Buy Metal Detector

Buy Metal Detector

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Buy a metal detector to search for gold, precious old coins,

and archaeological burials that may give you great wealth.

A metal detector, regardless of the search technology,

its price, or the features available in it, gives you the ability to

search for any metal object buried under the ground,

regardless of the type of metal, for example gold - silver - copper and others.

For example, by using a metal detector, you can discover natural gold

and find valuable archaeological treasures such as ancient weapons (swords, shields, daggers ...)

and valuable gold masterpieces such as gold coins, rings, and ornaments such as bracelets or collar.

How to Choose Right Metal Detector

With the availability of huge number of metal detectors and the variety of types

and brands with different features and prices, buying a metal detector

is confusing for any new prospector or even a professional treasure hunter.

So, the correct choice of the right device based on several considerations

and depends on many factors, including the expected maximum search depth,

device’s price tag, ease of use and other device features

For more details read following article: How to Choose Right Metal Detector


How to Buy Metal Detector

Metal detector can be purchased through several means and outlets:

1 - By buying the device from a store or company specialized in selling

metal detectors, for example, our company Orient Technology Group

In this case, you can visit the company’s gallery or store, preview the available

devices, and even you can try it yourself, see how it works, and check its technical features.

These metal detector companies provide a vast range of metal detectors and gold detectors

devices with various brands with wide range of specifications and range of prices

that fit needs of amateurs or professional prospectors.

2 - However most customers prefer to contact these companies remotely

via mobile phone or e-mail or via their website, usually they select a device

by visiting the website and find more about available products and its features.

Then they contact the sales team to know the details about purchase

like payment methods , prices and shipping means and other details.


Gold Detector Prices

Orient International Group offers through its exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey, the best metal detectors from various international companies.

Where we have the largest variety of metal detectors for sale at great prices and special offers.

You can get an idea of ​​a comparison between the prices of different devices within the following article: Prices of gold detectors.

Our valued customers can inquire about the best metal detectors

and their prices by contacting the sales department of our company through the dedicated numbers on our website.

It is also possible to review more details by reading the following article:


Metal detector for sale

Hence, we see that the process of buying a metal and gold detector depends on several factors,

including the reason and purpose for which the metal explorer wants to use this device.

Therefore, the Orient Group experts advise their valued customers, especially those who do not have them

Previous experience in the field of gold and metal detectors in contact with the Technical and Technical Support Department

We have to inform them of the most appropriate and best option that meets their

needs and to shorten the time searching in the group of large devices deployed in the market.

Especially since the devices sold by Orient International Group are original

devices and are from international factories German, American, Australian and Turkish famous

and active in this field for years.


Gold Detector Price

German Metal Detectors

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