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How to Choose Right Metal Detector? It is the question asked by any new prospector

and searcher for gold and treasures underground.

The choose of a suitable metal detection device is complicated issue for beginners

in this field with availability of multiple types of metal detectors and gold detectors

and the variety of options and the different features and differences in prices.

Here in this article we will explain in detail the right way to choose the metal detector

suitable for your needs and objectives according to several factors and considerations

must be taken into account.

Through the detailed explanations of these factors and points will be clear to the prospector

who interested in metal detection, he will get a clear idea of choosing the appropriate device

for him and we will support this through practical examples.


To choose the best metal detector that fit your needs and budget you must consider some factors

and features that affect your decision to get most suitable device for you.

Here we will explain some important factors that help you choose a right metal detector.

Metal Detector Price

The price factor is a very important factor for the new researcher in determining and

selecting the appropriate metal detector.

Of course, the prospector wants a cheap device which has many features suitable for its work,

but practically the price of the device increases with the increase of its features and technical

specifications and with a variety of options and parts attached to it and accessories and so on.

In general, the higher the price of the device, the more efficient it will be.

So, choose the device that achieves the best balance between its suitability to its target

and the price that suits your financial capabilities

Since metal detectors can pay for themselves, look at it as an investment, not an expense.

A good rule of thumb: spend as much as you can afford, and get the best detector that your budget will allow.

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Metal Detector Purpose

An important point when choosing the right metal detector is to buy a device that meets the desired goal.

We mean what you want to use it for, for example, whether it is a device for detecting small coins

, uncovering buried gold treasures, searching for precious metals, or exploring the ancient ruins or gold ore prospecting.

Most types of metal detectors are designed and manufactured for specific purpose according

to their classification and features.

For example, there are special devices for discovering natural gold and special devices to detect old coins and so on.

There is a class of multi-purpose metal detectors that can be used for various applications in metal detection,

especially imaging devices that offer the possibility of discovering all that is buried underground

of valuable and precious metals and spaces and tunnels and treasures and everything else.

Metal Detector Features

The features of the metal detector and its various specifications play a key role in selecting the right device.

When you choose your device, it is important to do a preliminary search for its specifications and features

and various options before buying, by searching online and see real photos of it and we prefer to visit one

of the companies selling metal detectors to preview the device in practice and try before buying.

Here are some of the features that are an important factor in choosing a metal detector


The depth of the metal detector is the maximum depth can be reached by the underground

metal detector is a very important factor in the selection of the device where the depth varies

depending on the technology and the search system and according to the disk used in the search,

for example in electromagnetic devices or according to the capabilities of the device.

The deeper the search for the device, it is better, but the price is greater and the depth varies

from less than 2 meters in electromagnetic devices to deep depths up to 40 meters in the long-range devices.

So, when you choose a metal detector buy the device that reaches the depth you want because

for example discovering treasure at a depth of 10 meters, for example, is not possible with a simple metal detector

device does not exceed a range of 2 meters.

Ease of Use

Ease of use an important factor for the prospector is the ease of installation of the device

and simplicity of use and provides an easy and convenient interface

for practical use in fields and open land and in different terrain

Search technology

The search technology in the device determines the capabilities

and feature of the device and is related to many factors also depend on them,

for example, electromagnetic devices suitable for limited search applications

and within the field of small depths, on the other hand the 3D imaging devices

suitable for professional use and applications of various treasures discovery

and exploration of the monuments and artifacts and reach very deep depths.


I Want A Metal Detector To Detect Old Coins Within A Depth Of No More Than 1.5 Meters.

Appropriate device according to our view:

Gold Racer device because it is a device designed specifically for such purpose and a depth of less than 2 meter.

Look For A Cheapest 3D Ground Scanner Metal Detector That Reaches Depths Of Less Than 10 Meters

Choose the Evo imaging device because it is the least expensive in its class, and reach up to 8-10 m depth.

I Want A Device Of Less Than $ 1000 For Gold Detection And Depths Up To 5 M

There simply is no device as well because the higher the price of the device increased its features and capabilities

I Want A Device For Ancient Ruins Detection In The Form Of Treasures And Pieces Of Gold, What Is The Appropriate Device?

The Rover C4, for example, is an effective imaging device with a depth of up to 18 meters

and provides reliable and accurate results with great features for professional prospectors.

You can contact us for advice on the best device suitable for you only to clarify the purpose

of the device and the depth and field of the appropriate price to you and we suggest you the appropriate options.


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