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Metal detectors in Turkey are allowed to be sold legally and there are many manufacturers of these devices

as well as companies that sell these devices to different countries of the world

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Turkey is an important country in the Middle East and was the center of the Ottoman caliphate

that began from its territory and expanded in many areas in the Middle East and Europe

and lasted for six centuries before the fall and the declaration of the Republic of Turkey.

Turkey’s strategic location as a link between East and West as Turkey’s position at the crossroads

between Europe and Asia has made it a country of great geo-strategic importance and given its strategic location,

economy and military strength, Turkey is a major regional power.

Turkey is a secular, democratic, unitary, constitutional republic with an ancient cultural heritage.

Turkey has become increasingly integrated with the West through membership in organizations

such as the Council of Europe, NATO, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Group of Twenty (the world’s major economies).

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The Turkish economy has grown significantly in recent years

and Turkey is characterized by the quality of its products and

the diversity of industrial products in various fields.

Turkish Metal Detectors Companies

Turkey has many manufacturers of metal detectors equipment and devices,

which produce competing devices for these devices manufactured in America or Europe,

such as Nokta Detectors and Macro detectors and other smaller companies.

Where its devices are characterized by the quality of its industry and competitive prices

and high performance and variety of options to meet the aspirations and needs of prospectors

and treasure hunters in the local market and around the world also.

With the manufacture and sale of metal detectors in Turkey is legal and authorized by the authorities

in accordance with certain regulatory laws, there are many cities in Turkey that contains companies

specializing in the sale of metal detectors from various local and international brands,

especially in large cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and others.

How To Buy In Turkey?

The companies selling metal detectors in Turkey, as mentioned above, various devices from Turkish companies

or international companies such as Garrett, Fisher, OKM and others to meet the needs of the local market

as well as neighboring countries and even export to all countries in the world.

Metal detectors range from simple metal detector systems that are usually cheap and have limited potential

to more sophisticated and powerful devices such as long-range detectors that offer more features and possibilities

to detect most metals, treasures at deeper depths, then there is the expensive professional metal detectors

for professional prospectors and large-scale exploration companies


As mentioned previously, there are many companies in Turkey that manufacture metal detectors,

which operate according to different search systems and technologies.

Nokta Detectors (now Nokta-Makro) company is the largest in Turkey in this field,

which offers products and devices that excel on similar devices from international companies,

for example Invenio new technology is unprecedented and the Impact metal detector

to detect and the discovery of metals and ancient coins and artifacts,

as well as Kruzer and Gold Kruzer, which is at high quality of its devices and keep pace with

the latest developments in the field with cheap prices suitable for most prospectors.

Here is a brief explanation of examples of metal detectors in Turkey from different Turkish companies

and these devices represents the top development in the technology of metal detectors.



Invenio metal detector from Turkish company Nokta is the latest and completely new

metal detector which will revolutionize the world of detection of precious metals, gold and ancient monuments.

Invenio is a unique device thanks to the special search technology in the device ,

where the principle of the work of this technology depends on a special search coil

which scans the area to be searched with a special tracking sensor mounted on the arm of the disk

and the device to draw the real shape of the buried target such as nail or coin on the screen

within the three-dimensional graphics, which makes it easy to know the depth of the target

buried accurately as well as its position before drilling by the prospector.

The device can be used for various practical applications, including the discovery of buried treasures,

the ancient monuments of previous civilizations, the discovery of natural minerals, and even the discovery

of underground spaces and caves such as tunnels.



GROUNDTECH’s Evo metal detector is the new generation of metal detectors,

which incorporates special technology for three-dimensional ground scanning

through a special small size sensor.

After the scan process, the measurement data can be displayed directly on an Android tablet

device bundled with it, which is provided with a three-dimensional analytical application used to view

and analyze the recorded data of the scan area.

The data collected by the Evo presented as 3D graphics on computer screen gives full details

about buried targets in the region, such as scanned metal target type (gold or silver or copper or iron … etc)

and can know the size of the targets and the exact depth of any target can be viewed directly.

With the use of the EVO metal detector, the treasure prospector can ensure the results of the device

in terms  accuracy and reliability.

Its small size and ease of use gives the metal explorer a pleasant and useful search experience in the search fields.

The device can be used to detect treasures of buried metals and all precious metals

such as silver, copper and bronze as well as antiques and underground spaces.

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