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Metal Detecting in Peru

Metal Detecting in Peru

Peru is a country in South America that’s home to a section of Amazon rain forest .

and wonderful city of Machu Picchu, an ancient Inca city high in the Andes mountains.

The region around Machu Picchu, including the Sacred Valley, Inca Trail and colonial city of Cusco

,is rich in archaeological sites. On Peru’s arid Pacific coast is Lima, the capital.

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Peru is a country of ancient civilizations and contains many archaeological sites

that contain many ancient treasures of the remnants of these civilizations.

such as statues, coins and gold ornaments.

But despite the many archaeological discoveries, there are still many sites and lands

that need to be discovered by amateurs, adventurers and also a seekers of ancient treasures.

In order to facilitate the discovery process, researchers need specific electronic devices .

or in specific a metal detectors to help locate and find the buried treasures.

Here in this article we will review a collection of the best metal detectors and gold detectors

which are according to our view, the best metal detectors in Peru.

it is  suitable for the discovery of old treasures efficiently and with reliable results.

Best Metal Detectors in Peru

Metal detectors, which operate using a three-dimensional imaging system,

are the most efficient and effective devices for discovering buried treasures

and ancient archaeological sites.

3d Imaging Metal Detectors Features:

  • Display a detailed 3D representation of scanned ground area
  • High accuracy in results
  • Easy to use devices and search method
  • The possibility of covering a wide field of search
  • Easy to know all details about buried targets such as depth – position – metal type..

Metal Detecting in Peru

Best Metal Detecting Devices in Peru


Nokta Invenio is all-new metal detector and considered from the best gold detectors devices .

that will revolutionize the world of precious metal detection and relics.

thanks to its new patented 3D scanning and search technology.


The principle of this technology depends on a special search dish or coil

that scan the ground area to be searched with a special 3D tracking sensor

mounted on the disk arm in order to give the real shape of the buried target

for example iron nail, box or coin …

With Invenio, the prospector can ensure reliable, accurate results and good depths

up to 5 meters with an easy-to-use program available in Spanish.



Rover C4 from OKM – Germany is a best new 3D imaging technology to find golden treasures

and metal objects underground with accurate results and great detection performance in all terrain.

Rover C4 gold detector use a special probe to perform detailed 3D scan of specific underground area beneath it,

then the scanned data can be viewed as 3D graphics on any computer with installed 3D analysis software (Visualizer 3D)

which enable easy analysis of buried targets and knowing all its details .

such as object size and its depth or the metal type, and all this info in visual way with simple controls.


Note: The user interface of the screen program and Visualizer 3D software available in Spanish language.


EVO 3D imaging metal detector is a unique innovation in the field of metal detecting underground,

the detector works using a special measurement probe used for 3D ground scanning of the ground’s area

to detect metallic objects and spaces such as tunnels.

This stick-sized probe uses a unique technology which is integrated into the Evo metal detector.


it used to record the scan data for every point in search field for later display on Android Tablet PC

which comes pre-installed with a 3D analysis app for detailed analysis of scan results.

Note: The user interface of the Android app available in Spanish, also a Spanish PDF version of user manual available.


Metal Detecting in Peru

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