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Gold detector device is an electronic device that works according to a certain technology

for the search and detecting of the presence of gold underground.

Gold detector device is practically a metal detector with features that facilitate the detection

of gold metal through various techniques depending on the device.

Gold detector device can detect gold in both types of natural ore gold,

which is found in nature in the form of small granules called nuggets or in the form of

veins within the rocks of metal or in the form of impurities within the rocks of metal

consisting of different metals.

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The gold detector can also detect the existence of ancient gold coined and manufactured,

which has long been used by different civilizations in minting coins or making pots of food

and drink for kings, for example, as well as in the manufacture of ornaments for women

such as rings, bracelets and hoops.

Gold detector device works according to different technologies and the type of search technology

in the device plays an important role in determining the maximum depth that can be reached by

the device as well as in determining its final price.



Electromagnetic gold detectors are the most common devices among prospectors

and gold seekers in the world because of the ease of manufacture and availability

from multiple companies and different countries according to many brands

as well as because of their relatively cheap price compared to other types of devices.

VLF (very low frequency) technology available in most of these devices and relies on

the presence of a search coil in which there are a pair of electrical coils that are used

to send and receive electromagnetic signals.

Some devices also have pulsed induction technology that gives better performance

in terms of depth and performance in general.

The most important feature for detecting gold, especially in these devices is through the

metal discrimination feature that gives the prospector the knowledge of the discovery of

a target made of gold through a certain number called the target ID by linking gold to a

specific number can be confirmed by the user as well as through a special audio tone for gold .

Some devices also contain Filtering feature called Notch Filter, which means that you can search

within a certain range of signals, ie, search within the target ID field for gold only and ignore other metals.

But electromagnetic devices to detect gold do not provide great depths, where the maximum depth

does not exceed more than three meters in all these devices and there are devices that do not exceed 70 cm.

Example Devices: Gold KruzerImpactFisher Gold Bug Pro.


3D imaging metal detectors, also called ground scanners, are the most professional

and accurate gold detectors in their results.

The gold detectors of the 3D imaging system use a special search probe containing

sensors used to capture electromagnetic signals from metal targets in the ground

that are recorded for each point of the search field consisting of parallel scan lines

containing multiple equal points for each line usually separated by a distance of 30 cm.

After recording data for each point, the data is transmitted wirelessly to a tablet or laptop

that contains a special application or program used for analysis and displays a three-dimensional

visual representation on the screen showing the composition of the scanned ground

and its contents from metal targets such as gold coins or a golden statue

as well as cavities such as tunnels. Each type in a particular color, for example, red for gold,

a feature through which the prospector can find out the detection of gold.

Example devices : Rover C4 – Evo – 3D Ground Navigator 2.0


Long range gold detectors are characterized by the possibility of scanning a wide area

and detecting the buried targets of gold underground from long distances

and also the possibility of detecting the deepest targets,

which may reach 40 meters in certain devices.

An important feature for the gold prospector in these devices is the possibility

of determining the desired target in advance (for example gold) and thus

will pick up signals coming from targets made of gold only and ignores

the electromagnetic signals from other metals such as copper and silver.

The method of search is based on tracking the movement of antennas

that follow the signals of the targets and heading towards the presence of these targets underground.

Example: Mega Gold – Mega Scan Pro





Gold Detector Device

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