Metal Detectors



American metal detectors are well-known and trusted by many professional prospectors

as well as new treasure hunters because of the quality, simplicity of use, relatively cheap price

and versatility of their functions for multiple applications.

American metal detectors most of which are based on search technology that may use VLF or Pulse Induction.

Both technologies have advantages and benefits within specific metal detection applications.


A group of US companies such as GarrettFisher Labs, and Whites offer the best detectors

with a wide range of options in terms of technical features, specifications, prices.

American metal detectors are the most powerful and best performing in the world,

especially in the discovery of gold ores, ancient coins, small relics and ornaments,

on small depths ranging from a few centimeters to a maximum of 2-3 meters.



In this paragraph we will provide a quick review of the most important

US companies working in the field of metal detectors .

with the review of some devices for each company separately ..



Garrett is a company in the field of traditional metal detectors

established in 1964 and provided the best metal detectors

and the company is characterized by the quality of its devices and low prices.

Garrett offers a variety of devices and metal detectors from traditional metal detectors such as the Garrett ACE 400i,

gold ore detectors such as Garrett ATX, as well as security equipment such as security gates for airports, public places,

also a small metal detector for public transport, airports, etc.

To learn more about the company’s products, please visit the company’s website:

here we show some information about best device from Garrett :

Garrett ATX

GARRETT ATX the most powerful natural gold detector with high sensitivity

for detection of tiniest gold nuggets underground.

GARRETT ATX uses a unique Pulse Induction technology that gives most accurate

and reliable results with extreme gold sensitivity to locate tiny gold nuggets in all hard terrain.

GARRETT ATX  however is a versatile device can be used for many purposes and metal detection activities

such as gold prospecting, relic hunting and coins shooting and so on.

GARRETT ATX is a robust machine that give the prospector best performance in most hard terrains,

such as rocky lands and sandy soils thanks to its robust design and advanced features.


Fisher was established in the name of Fisher Research Labs in 1931

by Dr. Gerhard R. Schroeder. Fisher,the world-famous engineer and inventor

who was the first to have patented a device to detect metals in its current form.

Fisher Research Labs is the world’s oldest company specializing in metal detection and offers a variety

of metal detection devices such as coins and jewelry detectors such as Fisher 75 and gold detectors

distinguished by their effectiveness and cheap prices such as Fisher Gold Bug Pro

To learn more about the company’s devices, please visit the company’s website:

Fisher Gold Bug Pro

Fisher Gold Bug Pro a simple lightweight gold detector

with best performance ever to find smallest gold nuggets

in all hard terrains.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro has a high sensitivity to detect natural gold nuggets

with its reliable induction balance system also a special designed search coils.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro is favorite detector for hunting small gold nuggets in locations

with exposed bedrock and shallow soils and all terrain types.

Gold Bug Pro is recommended device for beginners who have never detected for gold before ,

because of its simplicity as it is easy to learn and use unlike some more

complex gold detectors with numerous toggles, buttons, and switches,

the Gold Bug Pro has just two knobs, buttons to ground balance, and an LCD screen.


Founded in 1950, Whites has since its inception been offering excellent

metal and gold detection systems based on multiple systems and different options.

White’s offers a range of premium metal detectors such as TDI SL, as well as gold ore devices such as GMT.

These devices are characterized by their simplicity, ease of use and great efficiency.

To learn more about the company’s devices, please visit the company’s website:


TDI SL metal detector is a special device from White’s, a traditional US company specializing in hand held metal detectors,

it is a unique device for detecting gold and various precious and non-precious metals.

TDI SL works using Pulse Induction technology, which offers the best performance of underground metal detection

and gives greater depth compared to other technologies.

The device is designed for the comfort of the prospector through the light weight and flexible design

to provide the prospector with a comfortable experience throughout the day

in the fields of search and beaches and in the parks.

TDI SL is a multi-purpose metal detector for many uses including the detection of natural gold ore

as well as small metal objects such as rings as well as the discovery of buried gold treasures of ancient civilizations


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