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Treasure hunter metal detector is any metal detector device

that can be used to find buried golden treasures and artifacts underground

with special features for this purpose.

Middle East has witnessed many civilizations, states, empires and civilizations

such as the Persians, Romans, Greeks, and civilizations of ancient Egyptians.

These civilizations left architectural traces and historical monuments.

In the modern era, many treasures of ancient civilizations have been discovered

through archaeological missions and those interested in the ancient monuments

of scientists and even adventurers and thieves, but there are still many remains awaiting

discovery and buried golden treasures waiting to be found.

However , the discovery of treasures and monuments is common among many people

interested who are looking for wealth and merchants of antiquities.

Treasure hunter metal detector can be used to find most of the remnants of ancient civilizations,

such as coins made of gold, silver or copper, as well as metal statues and gold ornaments

such as bracelets, hoops, rings and other objects and metal deposits.


The best kind of metal detection device for treasures is working according to

the technology of three-dimensional imaging system or so-called 3D ground scanner.

Where the technology depends on the sensor or probe used to measure the magnetic fields

of the ground at certain points and the collection of scan data for a specific search area

then displays the scan data on a computer screen or a tablet as 3D graphics

showing the exact location of the buried targets.

It is easy to know the depths, the type of buried targets, and the type

of the minerals also through the analysis of the results.

So most devices of the German-made metal detection devices, especially from OKM,

the leading company in this field, which offer a variety of imaging devices for different purposes

and uses of different possibilities and different prices also.

German treasure hunter metal detectors are the most reliable equipment

for treasure hunters and prospectors due to their high quality, accurate results and ease of use.

These devices are considered the best in the world based on the experiences of prospectors

and treasure hunters in various countries of the world, where discovered many buried treasures

and the ancient monuments of historical civilizations through the use of these devices.

German gold detectors also have a wide range of uses and practical applications

in the search for gold and precious metals and buried treasures and exploration

of ancient monuments and detection of spaces and tunnels, arches, caves and many other applications.


In this section we will provide a quick review of some of the best treasure hunter metal detectors

from OKM, which is the best detector devices available for archaeological treasures detection in the world:


Rover C4 from OKM – Germany is a best new 3D imaging technology to find golden treasures

and metal objects underground also with accurate results and great detection performance in all terrain.

Rover C4 gold detector use a special probe to perform detailed 3D scan of specific underground area beneath it,

then the scanned data can viewed as 3D graphics on any computer with installed 3D analysis software (Visualizer 3D)

which enable easy analysis of buried targets and knowing all its details such as object size and its depth or the metal type,

and all this info in visual way with simple controls.


EXP 6000

EXP 6000 a revolutionary metal detector device with most complete features set in one package,

it is most powerful metal & gold detection device in the world.

However EXP 6000 incorporate latest Germany technology from OKM in the field of 3D ground scanning

and metal detection via its powerful modern geophysical detection system.

EXP 6000 is a versatile device for any serious prospector as it can locate and detect all types of targets

underground such as buried artifacts, gold treasures, underground hidden structures like tunnels and everything else also.

exp 6000 metal detector


3D Ground Navigator 2 is a new version of trusted metal detector

that has been successful and gave best results for professional prospectors

and treasure hunters around the world.

The device offers improved performance compared to its previous version

with the introduction of new features to facilitate the work of the prospector,

such as control through the touch screen and improved Super Sensor

which equipped with a LED orbit (sphere) like in Rover C 4 .

3D Ground Navigator 2 metal detector incorporate the latest generation

of ground scanning technology from OKM – Germany.

However 3D Ground Navigator is a professional metal detector suit all the needs of

serious and professional users and treasure hunters with its versatile functions and features.


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