Metal Detectors

Metal Detector App

Metal Detector App

Metal detector app is a software program available on smart mobile phones or tablets.

it is used to detect metallic objects within short range.

Gold detectors and metal detectors rely on various technologies to search for gold, precious metals and buried treasures.

The most common type of metal detector is electromagnetic devices that rely on electromagnetic signals

and receive signals from collision with metal object buried underground, such as golden coin or ancient relic.

In the last years, several applications and programs for smart phones to detect metals and gold detectors

have been deployed and rely on the magnetic sensors available in the smart phones whether they are running Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad).

Magnetic sensors in smart phone devices are sensitive to magnetic fields resulting from metals and therefore possible to use an application

or a program to detect metallic object uses these sensors.

So, Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have a variety of metal detector app that use a variety of attractive interfaces for the best user experience.

Below we will review some of the best metal detector apps for both Android, iOS

Metal Detector Apps for Android

Through our review of many of the applications dedicated to the Android operating system

on the Google Play Store, so we can choose a distinctive collection of the best metal detector apps

with different graphical user interfaces and some features.

Metal Detector

This app is the best program to detect metal for Android.

because of  its simple and attractive user interface.

with great design and ease of use where it displays on the screen a digital indicator gives an idea of the metal type ..

The device needs of course the presence of a magnetic sensor within the device to work and is available in most modern smart devices.

The device has been downloaded about 10 million times and the application can be downloaded from here:

Gold & Metal Detector HD

Now find any metal including Gold & silver(Ring, Bangles) also with your mobile phone.
Interesting….. finding lost Gold rings,Bangles was a concept only through mobile phones,

now women can use this brand new Gold & metal detector tool to find out their precious gold and jewelries also.
then , process of gold metal detecting will be start by pressing the find button inside the app. and your device beep loudly

so after it detects any metal base item like gold jewelry.

The device has been downloaded about 0.5 million times and the application can be downloaded from here:

Best Gold Detector for Android

The owner of the app claims that it is the best program to detect  metal for Android

however it is similar to the previous program with a beautiful interface and visual and audio indicators

The application can be downloaded from here:

MetalDetector-Gold Metal Detector 

Another program and distinctive metal detector have been downloaded about 10,000 times

Download this app from following link:

Metal Detector Apps for iOS

Similarly, there are many metal detector apps for iOS devices.

So, these are some of these apps and their links also on the Apple App Store:

Metal Detector

A best Metal Detector in App Store since 2012

Simple and intuitive interface, and this absolutely free!

However It’s not fake app, it’s real metal detector, but work with only magnetic metal (such as steel, iron, etc.)

Best sensitivity near the camera on your iOS Device.

Tip: Shake for calibration

Download Link :

The Best Metal Detector

The Best Metal Detector is an application intended for entertainment purposes only.

It detects the presence of metal nearby by measuring the magnetic field value.

This useful instrument uses the magnetic sensor built-in your mobile device

and shows magnetic field level in μT (microtesla) also.

The Best Metal Detector allows to identify metal object in close area,

because all metals generate magnetic field which strength can be measured with this tool.

Download Link :

Hand Held Metal Detector 

Hand Held Metal Detector Super Scanner

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

This metal detector developed, tuned and tested during 4 months

and is utilizing iPhone/iPad magnetometer full capabilities.

Using this detector you’ll easily identify ferromagnetic metal objects (steel, iron, gold, pure silver).

By approaching device to a bag or pocket (you can initially switch device to vibration mode for anonymity),

you can easily find out whether there are metal objects.

Download Link :

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  1. Andy Paul says:

    In my opinion these apps doesn’t work like a real metal detector and its range is small.

    1. Orient Technology says:

      Thank you Mr.Andy .
      you are right , you need a dedicated metal detector for real use
      to find buried metal objects.

  2. Sam Roma says:

    Thank for information. a good topic

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