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Minelab gold detectors are best metal detectors devices trusted by millions of professional

gold prospectors around the globe.

here in this article we provide an overview about Minelab company

and explore some of its best gold detectors …


Minelab is an Australian company which is the first name in the field of metal detectors

and gold detectors devices, it is the world leader company in providing metal detecting technologies

for amateur and professional prospectors around the world.

Minelab is the major world manufacturer of hand-held metal detectors over the past 30 years.

it has introduced more innovative and practical technology than any of other competitors’ companies

and always provide a best new gold detector with new technologies.

Minelab gold detectors devices are considered the best devices for detection of natural gold

and gold veins and comes with variety of options and metal detection technologies

that suit most consumer levels from beginner prospectors, to a professional skilled treasure hunter.

Minelab has many manufacturing, distribution and customer service operations

across Australia, Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

Minelab’s provide its products via a worldwide network of authorized dealers,

so it reaches for every country in the world to provide best customer service.

Orient Technology Group is proud to be a distributor to Minelab gold detectors products.

because we believe in the quality and great performance of its metal detectors,

which provide a most trusted products for gold detection and metal detection.

Also as an expert and most famous metal detectors manufacturer

so we recommend and advice our customers to buy their devices.


Minelab gold detectors devices are a special metal detector

which the company designed it exclusively for gold detection underground,

including a natural gold nuggets plus the old buried gold treasures.

Minelab gold detectors also provide the sensitivity to find smallest gold nuggets at different terrain

and ground conditions with great performance and reliable results.

below we will review some of the best gold detectors from Minelab.


Gold Monster 1000 is a best introductory gold detector for beginner prospector and amateur gold seekers,

as it is simple easy to use gold detector device which combines super performance

at a great price in one compact package.

Gold Monster 1000 classified as the easiest gold detector to use,

because of its simplicity and unique features like gold chance indicator

and automatic ground balance plus minimum controls need.

Gold Monster 1000 includes enhanced ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination

so it works effectively in any type of soils like salty soils or rocky soils

better than any rival higher frequency metal detector,

making it the most suitable device to maximize gold nuggets detection recovery.


Equinox gold detector is the latest promising metal detector in Minelab gold detectors

because of its unique and new Multi-IQ technology which enable the gold detector device

to use multiple search frequencies at the same time, so it provides most accurate result.

Equinox with its special multi-frequency technology is adaptable for all metal and gold types

and ground conditions, including rocky lands, beaches, parks and so on.

Equinox provides an easy to understand gold detector via its simple menu design

and predefined search modes, plus easy settings adjustment.

GPX 4500

GPX 4500 gold detector was for many years a most trusted and reliable metal detector

for thousands gold prospectors in Africa in many countries.

This is due to the efficiency of the device and its sensitivity

in detecting the smallest granules of natural gold ore on a shallow

depth up to 1.5 meters underground

GPX 4500 combines great performance with a lot of unique technologies

to offer a perfect gold finder device that meets the needs of prospectors.

GPX 5000

GPX 5000 gold detector is an enhanced and improved edition of GPX 45000,

with better sensitivity and more depth also.

It is designed exclusively to find smallest natural gold nuggets

in all terrains using advanced new metal detection technologies.

GPX 5000 combines great performance with the versatility of many search coil options

in order to offer a perfect gold detection device that meets the needs of for serious prospectors.

GPZ 7000

GPZ 7000 gold ore detector is classified as a best gold detector ever for gold nuggets detection,

its great performance marked it as first gold detector for natural gold in the world.

This is due to the strength of the device and its efficiency in detecting and capturing

smaller grains of gold ores and at greater depths than any other competitor

GPZ 7000 includes a completely new technology (ZVT) that gives greater sensitivity and depth

to the gold prospector to find gold nuggets that no other device can find.


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