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Gold detector machine is  a metal detector device used to detect underground gold

and it is an electronic device for metal detection that works

according to a specific search technology to detect gold especially.

The gold detector can be used to detect gold either natural raw gold and made gold.
Gold detector machines vary according to several factors, including search technology,

maximum depth range, price and other features.

There are devices dedicated to the detection of gold ore, which is found

in the form of nuggets and most of these devices work according to electromagnetic

technology and provide simple depths of not more than two meters.

The metal detectors that operate with 3D imaging system or long-range locator

are suitable for detecting targets made of gold large size and at great depths between 10 – 40 meters


– Detection of natural ore gold.

– Find gold veins in the sandy or desert terrain.
– Discover gold treasures buried like gold jewelry (Rings – Bracelets ..)
– Find coins made of gold from ancient civilizations.

– Treasure finding of golden treasures .



GPZ 7000

It is a most powerful natural gold detector in the world

with most accurate results and great performance in all terrains
GPZ 7000 is the most sensitive gold detector ever as it can detect

smallest natural gold nuggets at greater depths more than any rival device.
GPZ 7000 includes advanced technologies that give a gold prospector a reliable

device for detection of gold in all terrains and ground conditions

such as rocky lands , muddy soils  or sandy soils like in desserts

Gold Kruzer

Gold Kruzer is a best new device for natural gold detection

with modern design and high-end performance in all ground conditions and terrain.

Gold Kruzer best feature is that it is operate at 61 kHz high frequency which gives

the best sensitivity to detect tiniest natural gold nuggets and gold veins underground.

GPX 5000

GPX 5000 the best gold detection device ever, designed exclusively to find natural gold

nuggets in all terrains using advanced metal detection technologies.

However GPX 5000 combines great performance with the versatility of many search coil options

to offer a perfect gold detection device that meets the needs of for serious prospectors.

GPX 5000 is extremely capable of finding more gold than other brand detectors.

From sub-gram nuggets to the elusive ‘retirement nugget’ and everything in between

for best gold ore detectors follow this link :  Gold Ore Detectors


Mega Scan Pro

Mega Scan Pro is the latest version of best gold & metal detector device,

the most reliable and powerful features that offers more programs,

better performance and greater depth to deliver an all in one device

for all the needs of gold prospectors and treasure hunters worldwide.
Mega Scan Pro metal detector is a multi-purpose device

because it is including three search systems within a single device,

providing the possibility to detect all kinds of precious metals such as silver,

copper, bronze and platinum, buried gold treasures, raw natural gold ore

and underground spaces such as cavities, tunnels, hidden rooms and others.


IMPACT is a recommended metal detector for gold, it is a unique

multi-purpose and high-performance device in all terrain.

IMPACT proved its capabilities and reliability through the experiences

of prospectors and through real success stories such as the discovery

of golden coins, statues and ancient monuments by prospectors

from different countries in the world.

IMPACT device is recommended for every new prospector or hobbyist

and even a professional one because it enables you to discover your buried

metal objects easily and offers you the best investment of your money,

thanks to its low price, which is your gateway to the world of treasures discovery.


INVENIO gold & metal detector a new device with un-preceded patented technology

that scan ground layers and display real shape and size and depth of detected targets on its screen.
Traditional metal detectors offered much advancement in their technologies and features in last years,

but it was not sufficient enough to meet the expectations of users and prospectors.
Users have expected much more from the metal detector or gold detector device they wanted to buy,

for example they wishes their detector to include a features such as : discovery of targets at greater depth ,

knowing the type of detected metal before digging , knowing the exact true depths of targets

, know the shape of targets and real dimensions ..

Invenio has been developed to meet these requirements, and designed as the first metal detector

with a smart imaging system that allows the prospector to know the exact shape,

depth and real dimensions of buried targets. It also offers the discrimination

between different types of metals and the possibility of discovering spaces and cavity.

Evo Metal Detector

It is smallest gold detector in the world – great performance at best price

EVO gold & metal detector device specialized in detecting gold and buried treasures efficiently

and accurately also and comes at a great price in comparison with similar ground scanning devices

which cost many times this price.

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